We are all children of time . . .

We are born, we live, we interact with one another, and yet there is the inevitability of our mortality. One hundred years from now, who will remember us? 

I create fossils. 

A visual reminder of this unending cycle of life, death, decay . . .  but also of the hope, and I believe, the inevitability of resurrection.  We live in an imperfect world, yet there is the hope and desire to rise above that imperfection and embrace the beauty of life and our existence, as brief as it may be when compared to the span of all time. And despite our mortality, we have the choice to have either a positive or negative impact on those people around us, as well as society and the world itself.

As fossils permit detailed evaluations of the organism and its context, I craft each piece to provide a verifiable recounting of the essence of that object, and its relationship to a larger world.