Time is merciless, unrelenting, unforgiving . . .

It absorbs all events, objects and changes that occur, leaving nothing in its wake except dust. Most everything that has ever existed is forgotten. How then can we remember and be remembered? 

I see the world as an infinite and ever-changing canvas and I am an observer of that canvas. Every object on that canvas has value. Each object, whether good or bad, great or small, beautiful or ugly, serves a purpose that we may not appreciate, grasp or fully understand, but nevertheless it is a purpose that ultimately serves a greater whole. 

Each moment in time is unique and will never be repeated. Time passes and the small moments are gone, as if they never existed in the first place. Furthermore, as objects interact with one another and their environment, they create an endless combination of new permutations.

That is why I am a photographer.

I see the world around me, and I see those permutations. Objects, plants, animals, people, shadows, colors. Sadly, most everything will fade into dust without anyone in the present, let alone the future, acknowledging their existence. But some things might survive through my photography. And to be honest, my photography may not last, but even in the here and now, what I photograph will have some significance, at least for one person.

And that is worth something . . .