I am a photographer . . .  a recorder of life and our existence in this world.

My photos are a record of a frozen moment in time, and are a means to elevate that moment or item to significance. Most everything in life will not be remembered, and l strive to immortalize my subjects into something of value and worth. In fact, as time has gone on, l have become even more drawn to subject matter that is insignificant and goes unnoticed.

I try to contemplate whatever l have shot. For instance, I have often thought about how many leaves have existed through time. It’s a number that is beyond me. How many of those leaves get noticed? But each one serves a purpose. They nourish the tree as they live, and when they die, they also feed the tree through decay.

I have applied that mindset to everything l now create . . . Life, death, decay and rebirth.

It is a concept that actually is a central tenet of my Christian faith too. We live in a fallen world, yet there is the hope and desire to rise above that corruption and create something that embraces the beauty of life, existence and our relationship to God. 

So what should an artist say through his work . . . ? 

Say something meaningful and powerful.