I majored in Fine Art at Calvin College. While earning my degree, I cultivated a mind-set of creativity and an openness to the wonder of the world. In simple terms, as a result of the program, I began to view the world as a canvas.

Over the course of my career as an artist, I have worked to creatively communicate meaningful messages to my targeted audience. For over 30+ years, I have confronted and solved the basic technical challenges of successful art by compellingly integrating color, composition, structure, and form. In fact, through sheer repetition, balancing these foundational artistic building blocks became second nature to me. What started as a challenge for me has become as natural as breathing

In 2007, I picked up a camera and began composing content from the immediate world around me. Over time, as I shot my photos, I discovered a new way of seeing the world that was informed by both my training and work experience. As a result, I had the means to convey what was meaningful to me personally in a medium that opened tremendous artistic opportunities. So, for the next dozen years I made photographs, honing my vision and my technical skills.

In 2020, COVID struck, and I was put on unpaid leave. With the newfound free time, I was able to pursue an illustration project for a close friend. Remarkably, that project led to a melding together of everything I learned over the past 35 years, and I took a very important next step in my evolution as an artist.

Say something with art . . . Say something meaningful and powerful.